Jumat, 19 Juli 2013 | By: Muhammad Fersi Nurul Haq


Under the same sky and a different place
This longing evolve over time
First love story that we intertwine
Have now thinning?
I just stay in my dark night
Can we meet again?
Listen to the sound of my heart through telepathy
There's nothing more that I met this eve
Under the same sky
A different place
Whether you're there?
The nostalgia continues
If I can hug you, maybe this little sigh of relief
When can I talk, maybe this little heartbeat sounds
If I can face to face, maybe this eyes is not going to shed tears
I walk in a crowded street
But you know what?
The street was deserted me
That's because there is no you
I love you deeper
deeper, deeper , and deeper
I tired running under the sky
Do you not think about me at all?
Only briefly
This longing become melted
And again my heart broke into pieces
In my passion, there is no you
Can no longer i see your sweet smile in front of me.
Exuberant and laugh out loud
Everything just hallucinations alone ..
Yes, for my soul is more fragile


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