Selasa, 16 Juli 2013 | By: Muhammad Fersi Nurul Haq

Story of Us

There is a story book that makes me dream
When I tried to open it, how surprisingly
I included in the story as if it
You know what is recounted that?
One day there was a princess and a prince who for whatever reason
Separate them with a feeling of sadness
Feelings that seem really fragile
And I became the prince
Sitting in a pensive loneliness that never ended
I looked at the photograph of the princess continues
Me go and I'm looking for until I get
Throughout the world with the help of the guards
Still I can’t found
Where exactly is the princess?
Keep going and keep trying until I find
And how happy because her could find
And a happy ending
Then woke again about the story of my dream
The Princess and the Prince


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